1. Overview of the File Types

Unsure about file types? Hopefully this will help.

Our image files come in two different format types. (EPS and JPG) Each file type has its pluses and minuses and you should be careful about which file type you get. Every printer will have their own preferences as to their preferred file type. However, except for the extremely rare case almost every printer will be able to use one of these two file types to help you get your products produced. If you are having something printed you should contact your printer to find out their preferred file type and resolutions.

2. JPG Files

JPG files are intended for web use. They vary by size and the larger the size the higher the resolution. JPG’s are intended to be used on websites and blogs. Although you can edit the colors of JPG files it is not really what they are intended for. Occasionally a printer will want a JPG file but most often they would prefer the EPS file. For most websites a medium size JPG will be plenty big enough but if you are looking to have a banner or t-shirts printed you should get the EPS file.

3. EPS Files

EPS files (Vector files) are easily editable files. EPS files only open in illustration programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw. These files are typically what a printer will want because they are scalable, easy to edit, and allow for color modification with very little effort. Be aware that unless you have the correct software you may not be able to open an EPS file. JPG’s can be generated from EPS files so if you are unsure what your printer wants get the EPS and let them make a JPG from it.