1. Vector Design Elements

Vector Design ElementsVector Design Elements – Sets of vector images featuring, Arrows, Flames, Stains, Ornate Elements, Flags, Wings and more.

Vector Design Element Sets that are easy to modify and edit. These Vector Design Elements work great with our other vector clipart images to create a unique and great looking graphic logo or t shirt design.

2. Ornate Graphic Design Elements

Ornate Vector ElementsOrnate Vector Elements– These vector design elements add a level of pizzazz to any design. By adding in these design element your design will get a touch of style and detail that will visually enhance the design and make it more appealing. They are easy to use and will enhance just about any shirt or graphic design. These sets include small ornate vector elements, vector borders, and banners.

3. Fire and Flame Vector Images

Flame Vector ElementsFlames and Fire Design Elements. This vector set contains multiple styles of flames and a variety of shapes and badges with fire or flames. Both graphic flames and cartoon flames are represented.

4. Stain and Splatter Vector Elements

Vector StainsVector Stain Design Elements. These stain elements make great backgrounds for use with our other clipart images. This vector element set includes stains, scribbles, and brush strokes. These stain elements are intended to be combined to create an endless variety of background textures.

Stain Elements work great with other vector elements and text. Overlap these elements to make great looking textures and backgrounds.

5. Arrow Vector Design Elements

Arrow Vector ElementsArrow Design Elements. Add movement or direct the viewers eye by incorporating these arrow vector elements. This set contains a large assortment of different styles of arrow vector images. Arrow patterns and shapes along with unique arrow combinations will create movement in your design.

6. American Flag Design Elements

American Flag Vector ElementsAmerican Flag, Stars and Stripes Design Elements. Design elements for Fourth of July designs and other American Holidays like Memorial Day. These american flag vector collections include stars and stripes, patriotic shields and badges, and an assortment of vector american flags.

7. Badges and Shields Vector Elements

Vector Shields and BadgesBadges and Shields Design Elements. Get your design off to a great start by using one of these elements as a background element. Ready to go ornate and interesting shield and badge elements. We have a number of sets featuring shields and badges. Included in these vector element sets are badges and shields ranging from basic shapes to complex and ornate background designs.

8. Tribal Shapes and Elements

Tribal Vector ElementsTribal Design Elements. Tribal designs are alway popular! Utilize these tribal graphic elements to finalize your tribal design. This set includes individual vector tribal elements as well as tribal badges and vector tribal background designs.


10. Vector Wings

Wings Vector ElementsWings Design Elements. These sets feature vector insect wings, dragon wings, vector graphic wing icons, angle wings and more.

11. Halftones and Patterns

Halftone Design ElementsHalftone and Pattern Design Elements. Vector halftone and textures will add character to your design by adding interest to background shapes and providing patterns to otherwise solid design elements. Included in this set are a series of vector halftones, patterns, and distressed background elements.


13. Sketch Vector Elements

Vector Sketch ElementsPencil and Sketch Vector Design Elements. These vector sets include stain images, distressed ink patterns, and pencil sketch elements.

14. Western Vector Elements

Western Vector ElementsWestern Design Elements. This set includes vector bullet holes, barb wire clip art, and western style banners.


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