Trouble Shooting Problems with our Clip Art Images

1. Corel Draw

While our images are created in Adobe Illustrator they should all be compatible with recent versions of Corel Draw. If you have questions regarding compatibility check this page.

Opening Illustrator Files in Corel Draw

2. Which File Type Should I Get?

• Vector files (EPS) –  These are the files you will want to get if you are going to have the design printed by a printer.

• JPG files – These are the files you will want for web use.

More information on file types.

3. Which Programs will open these files?

• Vector files –  These files will only be editable in illustration software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These are the files your printer will most likely ask for but unless you have one of these programs you will likely not be able to open/view the image. Other programs like Adobe Photoshop will be able to open and view the image but the editing functions will be limited.

• Jpg files – Any program that is capable of opening/editing a Jpg file will be able to view our clipart images when purchased in the JPG format. Jpg files are great for web use but due to the fact that the editing capabilities of jpg files are more limited than those of Vector files most printers will prefer the vector file.

4. Editing the Colors

• If you (or your printer) have the correct software you the colors can be edited fairly easily. The optimal situation for editing our clipart images is to use illustration software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to edit the files in a Vector format. This is the method which our clipart files are intended to be edited in and is by far the most effective and easiest way to modify our images. If you need to edit the files in JPG format other software like Adobe Illustrator will work. Our images utilize spot colors and strong outlines which make adjusting the colors of the JPG files reasonably easy.

More details about editing the colors.

5. Will you customize the image for me?

• I typically don’t offer this service. I make my images very easy to edit and most printers can do simple changes like color editing and adding text easily and quickly. Occasionally, I will help a customer out but in most cases I recommend that you have your printer do it for a number of reasons.