Lacrosse Gloves and Stick Clipart Image

Lacrosse Gloves and Stick Clipart Image

Easy to Edit and Customize Lacrosse Equipment Clipart Image

Adobe Illustrator v8 Editable Eps or JPG

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Available Sizes – EPS, Large JPG, Medium JPG, and Small JPG

Jpg dimensions listed below

License: Standard
Size: Small JPEG
Price: $7.00
Pixels: 500 × 500px
Filetype: jpg jpeg — Jpeg Image
License: Standard
Size: Medium JPEG
Price: $10.00
Pixels: 999 × 1000px
Filetype: jpg jpeg — Jpeg Image
License: Standard
Size: Large JPEG
Price: $14.75
Pixels: 2997 × 3000px
Filetype: jpg jpeg — Jpeg Image
License: Standard
Size: Vector
Price: $14.75
Pixels: 5175 × 5180px
Filetype: eps — Encapsulated Post Script

Product Description

Lacrosse Gloves And Stick – Image  #01446

Adobe Illustrator 8 Eps or Jpg

Graphic Design of Lacrosse Gloves hanging from a Lacrosse Stick with an ornate vector background. This Clipart image of a Lacrosse Equipment is designed for printers. Strong outlines make this image perfect for t-shirt artwork and banners. Our Vector Lacrosse Clipart images are intended to be printed and will look beautiful in most applications. Colors can be easily adjusted, reduced, and edited. Incorporate this image with text and other design elements to create an incredible design.

Clipart Image Features:

• Spot Colors – Perfect for Printers

• Strong Outlines and Clean Filled Shapes

• Reduce or Change Colors Simply and Quickly in Adobe Illustrator

Add Text For a Complete and Unique Logo

All of our Vector Clipart images are designed for easy editing to create beautifully printed designs.

Save time While Creating an Amazing Design

These Lacrosse Equipment Clipart images will save you time and give you a great looking design.

This Lacrosse Gloves and Stick image is perfect for designers and print shops who are looking to create a high quality, amazing Lacrosse Equipment designs. Our Clipart Vector images are created to be quickly edited and modified. Change the colors and add text to create an amazing custom design in minutes. Our Lacrosse Equipment Clipart images make it easy for you to create a beautiful Lacrosse Equipment design in very little time.  All Clipart images are available to download in either vector .eps or .jpg formats.

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